Rizal’s First Return to the Philippines

When Jose Rizal came back from the places he travelled in different countries such as Europe, his reasons are to know the effectiveness of Noli Me Tangere in the Philippines and Spanish. Another reason is to know the reason why Leonor Rivera  was not writing back anymore and to also help his countrymen to retake their land which were taken by the friars in Biñan, Laguna. When he came back, he performed a surgery for he’s mother’s eyes. The name of her mother is Teodora Morales Alonso y Quintos Realonda. Rizal had cases because of his written novel, Noli Me Tangere. For this, he was called by the governor-general. Noli Me Tangere was prohibited because he tried to go against the faith of the state; its government and the Spanish country. He also helped other farmers in seeking changes in the Dominican friars. For this he was became more cooperative and he had more adherence to his countrymen. He also put a stand on his beliefs and never lost his love for his mother and family. For me, the return was a big part of his life because he strengthened his patriotism more.

Written by: Danina Palafox


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